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Week 8

And then there were 3!
Can you believe it?!

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And now.... ON TO THE SHOW!!!

#1- All Things Thrifty-Polka Dot "Junk" Spot

All Things Thrifty's definition of junk: Any item that someone no longer wants. 

All four of these items were "junk" before I got my hands on them!

My list of junk consisted of: a broken vanity top, a broken sewing table, an old shelf stand, and an old dining room chair. Total cost of the junk: $23.00.

Doesn't this junk look great after the process of a face lift!?! The vanity became a cork board to display school items for my first grader, and the other items were perfect in the space. The table was just the right size to fit in the tight space, the chair added character, and the shelf provided just the right amount of storage for lip gloss, jewelry, and all the "girly" items that need a home. 

I loved the knobby legs on the chair. The table needed a little work; but with a few alterations, the $8.00 table became a perfect table for the girls' room. We added a piece of wood to the top to replace the junky existing top. The front of the table was also broken, so we added a new piece of wood across the front to make the table seem new!

The fabric used on the mirror and chair consisted of a duvet cover that I obtained a few years back on massive clearance. I love buying duvet covers on clearance because of the amount of fabric you get for such a CHEAP price!
The polka dot art is made out of embroidery hoops. :) Thrift stores are crawling with junky, old embroidery hoops! I loved how the hoops created a three dimensional effect.

For more details on how these projects, please visit All Things Thrifty.

 One man's junk is another man's treasure...I LOVE other people's JUNK.


#2- Flea Market Trixie- Galvanized Burner End Table

What was once a burner for something very large has been totally transformed. I really love old galvanized pieces, so when I found this burner I just thought about putting it on my porch with a plant in it, but then I had a vision.
I had an old metal side table that I cut the top off  to get the right height for legs, and added a wood round for the top.
 I purchased a sophisticated finishes rusting kit from Michael's to turn the wood round into what looks like an old rusty table top.
 I painted the metal base with several different browns and applied the rusting solution to certain areas on the table base. Following the directions, I then applied the rusting solution. It's a process that rusts with time but requires you to continue to apply more solution until achieving the effect you desire.
If you have not tried using the rusting kit for a project, you really must.

This is how it turned out..........................

Visit me Here for additional ideas.


#3- Funky Junk Interiors- Crate TV Stand

I've always wanted to make a coffee table out of an old wood palette. However when our big screen TV died and I brought in our little flat screen from the travel trailer, I knew we needed a new stand for it.
I had this wood palette sitting in my garage just begging for the right treatment. And it was the perfect size. So thanks to So You Think - Junk Edition, the build began! The end result required the last four pictures, so you'll have to visit my blog for the build. :) And here's the finished result!
The top was sunken in allowing for a glass covered display! And I happened to have the perfect fitting scrap piece of  glass sitting at home.
The TV is sitting on chunks of wood under the glass, at the perfect height to carry all the weight.

The leg height was designed so the authentic crates underneath could be used for movie storage bins. And the two slots in the palette were the perfect fit for the DVD and TV components!
My new little eclectic TV stand is right cozy in it's new home. :)
For pictures of the build (and the heartache I endured..) and MANY more finished shots, please visit my blog, Funky Junk Interiors.


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  1. These gals are truly inventive and spectacular! I am constantly inspired each week. I think outside the box BIG TIME now! Thank you so very much. I am moved by all of this creative expression! It is truly a grand blog show!!!!! I look forward to the new styles/creations each week! Such a great time here!!!

  2. Anonymous4/19/2010

    I had trouble chosing one this week as I didn't find any of them very inspiring. Kind of disappointed.

  3. Anonymous4/19/2010

    Comments don't mean much when you only post the one's you like.

    Maybe that is why there is only 1 comment!!!!!

  4. LOVED this week! This has been such a treasure trove of brilliant ideas1

  5. I like what you did about the galvanized burner. It look so beautiful when the flower put on the top of it.
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