Sorry for the Delay... wonderful changes in store. SEASON 2 COMING WITHIN THE NEXT FEW WEEKS!



What a week!
This is our last results post before next Saturday's BIG FINALE!

and the winner with 444 votes is.........................
with their Polka Dot Junk themed area

Our runner up with  360 votes is Flea Market Trixie
 with her Galvanized End Table

That means that the unthinkable has happened and Donna from Funky Junk Interiors has got to "go home" :( 

Donna you are amazing and have brought so much to the table here on SYTYCD! It was a complete honor having you on the show. 

Her final post is next week's theme which she has dedicated to her dear Mother whom she very recently lost. She stuck through SYTYCD like a trooper through the sudden loss of her Mom. Amazing! I couldn't have done that.

Here she is with her TABLESCAPE which is our Showdown Theme


When you think of a tablescape, in most cases it's about what's used on top of your table. It's my feeling a tablescape can equally be about your chosen environment and perhaps even the tabletop itself.

This farm sign is very familiar to me. I grew up with this planted in my front yard for many years, and to me, it speaks of all things comfort and home. It's also beautiful. And I was excited to find a special way to honor it coming home to live with me recently!

Gathering inspiration from the amazing sign tones, my casual outdoor tablescape all came together.  Lavish porcelain and rich silverware need not apply here. :)

This tablescape is all about memories from living on the farm. The authentic cow tags that label each place setting are adorned with a touch of nature, little cowbell and hay like raffia. The silverware is the exact eclectic mix you'd find in the farmhouse kitchen. The placemats are simply cut plywood blanks. The dishes are a casual mix and match of whites collected over time. And the napkins are charming, old style hand stitched tea towels found in my Mom's linen closet.
The centerpiece speaks of nature, galvanized farm goodness and twinkling flames, placed on a wooden shutter. Not to mention, finding encased candle lanterns are a total bonus for the drafty outdoors!
This farm inspired whimsical tablescape will no doubt bring about many smiles and memories as days go by. The only thing that's left to do is pass the pizza! :)
I have a special presentation to share on my own blog, paying proper homage to this treasured signscape. I hope you'll join me back at Funky Junk Interiors to capture the entire experience. :)


  1. Congrats to the gals that are still in!

    It's been a fabulous run. Thanks for the opportunity, Stephanie! I'll be posting my post with that special presentation Sun 6pm Pacific, normal contest time. I hope you'll come by to see what it is. :)


  2. The tablescape is fantastic. It has been hard each week to see someone go. It has been fun to see what these incredibly talented ladies have come up with each week.

  3. No, no, no... say it ain't so. I will miss Donna.

  4. Congrats to the winner and the runner up!! And how sad to see Donna go!! I love her cow sign. I have loved everything that Donna has done!
    I am a follower of I will be able to continue to see her fabulous work!

  5. This has been so much fun. I'm sad Donna is leaving. I love everything she has done.
    Congratulations to the last two!

  6. So sad Donna is leaving. =(


  7. Anonymous4/25/2010

    Can we vote for Donna's table scape? Her's is the best!