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Time for another results blogisode!
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Flea Market Trixie is the winner of this week's challenge with 388 votes! Here's her cavity cap mirror

And Funky Junk Interiors is our runner up with 330 votes. She did the gate screen

Flea Market Trixie has won a.....

$25 gift certificate

to Quilt Taffy!

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Look at how cute those quilts are! And that fabric.... TO DIE FOR!
I'll take the little boys car quilt on the right please :)

You can find them HERE!
and check out their Etsy shop HERE!

Congrats Tracy for your win and prize!

Here's one more quilt :)

And THANK YOU Quilt Taffy for sponsoring on SYTYC!!

And now.... for the sad part. Time to say goodbye to Miss Mustard Seed :(
This lovely lady is uber talented! We sure are gonna miss ya!
Here's her post introducing us to next week's theme: Junk


I am a person who is a magnet for free stuff.  Mostly stuff that other people consider junk.  You would not believe what people have offered to me for nothing.  I am fortunate to have ended up with neighbors who are hunters and sellers of things that are cool and old and they've given me many bargains.  A few weeks ago they offered a rusted iron bed frame for free and I couldn't say no. 
I immediately saw the potential in the footboard.  It would make a perfect towel bar.   The bed frame had clearly been left in the elements for a long time, so it first needed a good cleaning, sanding, and a hose down.  I then coated it with two thick layers of polycrylic to make it useable.  If you're going to try this with a similar piece, make sure you do this outside and wear a mask.
My husband helped me hang it on the wall using some long screws and wire to prevent it from falling on someone.  I love the look of the rust and chippy paint on it, but the finish is smooth and clean from the protective top coat.
I even kept the original wooden wheels on to show off its former life as a foot board.
I hung some linen towels on it and a sign I hand painted on a piece from an antique crate.
And it looks perfect over the antique wash stand, which was a roadside freebie. The total of this arrangement (not including paint) was less than $25.00.  Almost all of it was free.

Visit my blog for more decorating ideas and creative ways repurpose items.  It's the ultimate way to recycle.

Miss Mustard Seed


I'll take 2 of those please :)
oh to see you go is sooo sad! especially after a post like that!

We'll see ya Wednesday for her Q & A and tomorrow for "JUNK WEEK"!


  1. Oh no! I hate seeing people go! And Miss Mustard seed's new post is amazing!

  2. Sad to see Miss Mustard Seed go! Congrats to Flea Market Trixie...I loved this week's project!

  3. Oh I'm sad to see you go also. This is getting very difficult. I will never look at a footboard the same way. This is awsome to me!
    Good job!

  4. Such an inventive mind....came out great and no one else is going to have anything like it!

  5. Oh I love what she did to the creative. Sorry to see her go. I am enjoying this a lot but it is hard to say goodbye each week to someone!!

  6. I'm speechless. MMS? Just speechless.

  7. Love this towel bar - so creative. I would have tossed this piece for sure. I have enjoyed all her entries in this competition - but then again I am her Mom :). This is one special gal.

    MMS's Mom

  8. I can't believe she is going??!! So sad!! But I follow her I keep up with her pieces of art and design!! Love them!
    And congrats to the winners!! Woot! Woot!

  9. Congrats to Flea Market Trixie. Her mirror was gorgeous! But, I am so sad to see Miss Mustard Seed have to go. She is so sweet and so very talented. I will still enjoy following her blog. And what an awesome post she did for you. That footboard turned into a towel rack is great!
    Love & blessings from NC!

  10. Oh, sorry to see MMS go. Everyone is so talented and creative and this current post with the junk is just so amazing. I can't believe that whole thing cost just under $25. Everything looks fabulous.

  11. I love the bed frame vignette. Looks awesome!

  12. Wow, what a great re purposing you did here. Love it! So creative.