Sorry for the Delay... wonderful changes in store. SEASON 2 COMING WITHIN THE NEXT FEW WEEKS!


Season Finale

We've reached the very end my friends. The FINAL 2 are here to strut there stuff!

In one corner we have the lovely and talented Tracy from Flea Market Trixie,

and in the other we have the equally talented and beautiful Brooke from All Things Thrifty

Their challenge: Create a TABLESCAPE worthy of a champion!

But before we let these ladies strut their stuff let's give a HUGE SHOUT OUT to ALL the ladies who participated in Season 1 of SYTYCD!!

We've had some amazing projects transpire over the past 9 weeks and I hope you were all as inspired as I was by this lovely crew! My "to-do" list grew twice the size much to my husbands dismay :)

Thank You Ladies for a wonderful season and THANK YOU VIEWERS!! For without you, we'd be nothing :)

And now... ON TO THE SHOW!!!!


Spring is in the air.
The birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, it's picture perfect weather, garden party weather.
I love outdoor tablescapes, there's something so casual and yet so inviting about having lunch or dinner outdoors with nature.
 The color chartreuse is so fresh, I love mixing it with white and a little turquoise of course.
I used a mix of vintage plates, accessories, scrap fabric for the table runner and a burlap square for the table topper.
You don't have to go out and spend a ton of money on new dishes, being eclectic to me is so much more appealing than being matchy, matchy.
Since hydrangea's are one of my favorite flowers, I just had to use them.
I found these wonderful chippy old wicker chairs at a garage sale about a month ago.
I'm beginning to think, I have a chair addiction.
For more decorating ideas visit me Here


Decorating for guests is always fun! I'm sure you won't be surprised to see the use of bright colors incorporated in my tablescape this week. I LOVE COLOR! The only thing that I had to buy for this tablescape was multi-colored tissue paper! Tissue paper is a wonderfully cheap way to make a fun design.

I started the design with an array of plates. My dinner plates are red, blue, green, yellow, and purple. It is pretty fun because the dinnerware fits right into the multi-colored dining room!

I made some tissue paper balls for the center piece, and I sat them on various glass vases that I already had. The vases were all shapes and sizes. It worked perfectly to create some height and differing levels. I tied the napkins with a bit of tulle that I had lying around in my fabric bin.

I then hung several other tissue paper balls with fishing line at various heights behind the table to create a fun atmosphere and accentuate the table decor. You'll notice the place mats are colorful but subtle, but this was done purposely to blend in with the table top. I also omitted a tablecloth because sometimes a tablecloth takes away from the decor in the tablescape. I think this is an instance where one of those "non tablecloth" designs is necessary. I also accessorized with colorful M & Ms at every place setting. This tablescape is perfect for a group of my favorite gals to get together for a spring lunch. We can eat something delicious, chat, laugh, and snack on CHOCOLATE at the same time!

Would you like to join me!?!?

For more details on how to make the tissue paper dolls, hop on over to All Things Thrifty.


You know the drill..... scroll up to the top and pick your fav!


  1. Hmm, I can't find the Voting box. Is it not loading right?

  2. This has been so much fun to watch! Lezlee

  3. ok so i think the top one is so pretty but all things thrifty seems more like one i would use, so now how do i vote! so torn!

  4. Anonymous4/30/2010

    Congrats to all the decorators! This has been great and I'm glad I found the site. I've really enjoyed all the ideas.

  5. All things Thrifty is soooo creative! I love the colors that are used and all the ideas...

  6. Who won??? Never saw the results!!!

  7. Anonymous5/07/2010

    I like them both! But I'm a fan of burlap as a table cloth, so I have to go with that one. :)