Sorry for the Delay... wonderful changes in store. SEASON 2 COMING WITHIN THE NEXT FEW WEEKS!


Results for Week 4

Weren't last week's entries AMAZING?! 

The winner this week will receive a beautiful purse from

Holy goodness I'm JEALOUS!!!

You think THAT's cool check out the rest of her work!
Every bow and handbag is a unique work of art and she names each creation after someone special in her life. How sweet is that?!

Those are so darn' perty you want one too dont'cha?!

You can find all these lovely flowers and bows at her Etsy shop HERE
And at her blog HERE

 So who's the lucky lady that wins these beaut's?
With her Music Sheet Dresser!!
And the runner up is....
FunkyJunk Interiors!! with her White Trash Bedroom!

Good job ladies!! 
And Thank you Shmanessa8Flowers for sponsoring! 
Before we let her go here's one more purse for eye candy

Now that we have our winners it's time to say goodbye to someone.

not THIS week!
it's our WILD CARD WEEK!!!!!!! 
That means NO ONE goes home! picked Week 4 as our Wild Card Week. 

Not even the contestants knew when it was going to be so it's a complete surprise to them as well!
And just for fun I'll tell you the lucky lady who is breathing a huge sigh of relief!
Caroline with The Feminist Housewife!
Good thing she ain't goin' home because I wasn't ready to see her talent go

So..... I guess the only thing left to do is announce tomorrow's theme!
See you tomorrow night!


  1. Congrats to Miss Mustard Seed and Funky Junk for her runner up!!! Super! And a wild card week is too cool!!

  2. Congrats guys!! Love those purses!! Rhonda

  3. I feel such peace knowing no one will get the boot this week!!!

    Congratulations to MMS & FJI - IMHO they rock this creative world here in cyber space!

    I love this "show"! Thanks gals!!! It's so much fun!!!

  4. Love those purses. Nice to have something softly unique... not just that, there's probably a story behind each piece - just thinking of how she names each one after someone special in her life.
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