Sorry for the Delay... wonderful changes in store. SEASON 2 COMING WITHIN THE NEXT FEW WEEKS!


Results for Week 3

Wasn't this last week amazing?!! The girls did such a good job! I hope you were all inspired!

 CLICK HERE for last week's projects in case you missed them

This week our winner by a landslide with 567 votes is
with her box spring bulletin board

And our runner up with 302 votes is
with her closet door heaboard


And now it's time to say goodbye to another lovely contestant.
This week we have to say goodbye to the lovely and talented ladies at JunkFest :(
Once again, I am in complete shock over this one.
If you haven't checked out their blog, now is the time! 

Before they leave us for good, here they are introducing us to our 
theme for Week 4- "White".

At JunkFest, white doesn't shouts "I'M BEAUTIFUL, LOOK AT ME!" No matter what style, what circumstance, *white* has a way of finding its place. Whether tucked in discreetly or bold and upfront, any amount of white brings with it everything from sweet serenity to a high fashion statement.

Displaying white, on white, on white can be as simple as 1. 2. 3.

1. Foundation. If you're fortunate enough to possess a large wonderful white piece of furniture or mantel, use it as the core substance of your display. Here a fabulous Fairbanks scale anchors the display area.

2. Layer. Multiple shapes, sizes and shades of white, when put together, make quite a statement. Here the circular echo of the PB style clock, the vintage clockfaces stacked in a bowl, and the scroll of the architectural piece play on each other drawing your eye from top to bottom, then back up again.

3. Element of Surprise. Now, mix it up! Vary the heights from tall to short, and the style from functional to funky. Throw in some playful splashes of color. The greenery, the frames, and the book bring depth to the overall mood of the display. The sweet chippy garden statue finds her dream home here, surrounded by elements that make her feel loved.

There are no rules. Displaying white is at your discretion. Have fun, play, enjoy.

White. It Makes us Drool.


Join us over at the JunkFest blog...there's a parade of white waiting for you!

THANK YOU JUNK-FEST for being apart of SYTYCD!
Be sure to leave a comment for these lovely ladies!!!
We'll see you all tomorrow night for Week 4!


  1. Great post. Sorry to see you go. You always do a great job!

  2. This is more fun than watching PROJECT RUNWAY it !! :)

  3. I love the clock faces. what a great decorative item.

  4. What a blast! We've had a great time being a part of the SYTYCD contest. It is such an honor to be a part of such a talented group...this has honestly been a huge inspiration for us to stay motivated!!

    Thanks Stephanie, for including us. Good luck to the rest of you...can't wait to see your projects!


  5. This was such a great week!! We will miss you JunkFest! = (

  6. Congrats to Donna! This project was one my favorites in the whole competition so far. That project, combined with her hanger drape, completely transform this corner! And Trixie's pretty! It fits perfectly in that space.

    The girls at JunkFest are always full of creative ideas. Like all junkers, they have a talent for seeing things in new ways and they challenge the status quo. Kudos to you, girls!! I look forward to seeing more of your creativity on your blog and the JUNKMARKET Style site! Keep on junking! :)


  7. Oh I love all those looks! The layering makes it look so much more interesting. Girls you really rock!
    smiles, alice

  8. JunkFest I am so sorry to see you ladies go!! It has been a pleasure to see what you could come up with and I plan to continue to follow you ladies!

  9. Beautiful "white" display!! And congrats to the winners!! Can't wait too see this weeks designs>

  10. Congrats to Funky Junk Donna. One of my all time favorite of her projects! Sorry to see the JunkFest ladies go, great job ladies!
    All the best

  11. wow! gorgeous!! new to your blog and now following you!!

    found you through my new blog hop 6 degrees of blogging!


  12. So sad to see the junk Fest girls go. Anyone who says white is boring needs to check all of these magnificent ideas out--creamy and oh so dreamy!

  13. They really are all winners, aren't they? Thanks for the many ideas, Junk Fest!