Sorry for the Delay... wonderful changes in store. SEASON 2 COMING WITHIN THE NEXT FEW WEEKS!


Only 6 days left!!!

6 more days and the fun begins!!! 
I still have a few more spots open for sponsoring prizes for the winners for those of you with Etsy shops! (and for those of you who know people with Etsy shops) :)
It's a great way to advertise and your giveaway will be featured not only here... but also on the winner's blog! That's TWICE the exposure!! 
email me at alchemyjunk[AT]gmail to reserve your spot!
Sorry for that little plug... but what competition isn't better with a little "prize" to motivate these contestants to really put on a show!


  1. Woot woot! Less than a week! = )

  2. does it have to be etsy? How about a bricks and mortar store with an online annex?